Naked Girls Smoking Weed: Best of 420 Girls

Could there be anything better? Naked girls smoking Marijuana, it's two of the best things on earth combined.

Finally, life is worth living again! The two most appealing aspects of any man's life have come together in a just-about-god-damn-perfect book, Naked Girls Smoking Weed.

Everybody loves getting baked and everybody loves watching hot chicks take off their clothes, right? We just don't understand how the world survived this long without a book like this. Culled from the archives of the popular weed-chicks website 420 Girls, photographer Rob Griffin has put combined man's two greatest loves in a fantastic book that reminds us all what life is about! As if the nudity weren't enough, this book's also packed with all kinds of educational tidbits about pot! Now pass that fuckin' bong!

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Naked Girls Smoking Weed: Best of 420 Girls

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The author, Rob Griffin is the founder of the well-known website share the best photos from 420Girls in 160 pages, his standard is beautiful and naked.

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